My Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review : Why this is the best all purpose gaming mouse.

By kingshaka0316 November 6, 2017 Uncategorized

Recommendation: The G500 is one of if not the best all purpose gaming mouse you can find on the market right now. The feel is great and you can play games like League of Legends, CSGO, Starcraft 2, and more on your pc with this mouse.

Standard Retail: $124.99 (Ain’t too shabby…)

What we liked:

Secure layout

New grip material avoids slipping

Enhanced 5700 DPI laser tracking

Fair value (a lot more than fair when on sale)

Good durability, long warranty

On-the-fly DPI switching

Highly customizable

Weight cartridge

Superb placement on 10 programmable buttons

What we disliked:

Well, a lot of people don’t like it for weird good reasons… (read below)


There’s a lot to really enjoy concerning the G500, which replaced the aged Logitech G5. According to the reviews of people who have really bought the mouse, this is 1 from the highest-rated merchandise we’ve observed.

Compared on the older G5, a couple of points have changed. Most importantly, the aged 2000 DPI engine got a key overhaul, and now tracks an incredible 5700 max DPI, meaning it can proceed as fast as your control will allow. Second, the grip was altered slightly to let the thumb to rest much more comfortably within the left side of the mouse. Third, much more buttons were additional and repositioned, making them both effortless and incredibly difficult to mis-click.

You will discover also some new functions, much like the 2-mode scroll wheel, which permits you to scroll in either standard mode or “free” mode. Totally free mode is my private favorite. You are able to precede a modest amount to go up several lines, or it is possible to give it a flick and view it spin for numerous pages. I’ve quite much stopped clicking scroll bars such as the 1 around the proper of this page.

Possibly essentially the most controversial adjust was towards content. Older Logitech mice have a very smooth type of experience on the grip. The problem was that this created peoples’ hands sweat, causing the mouse to have slippery and gross feeling. The new substance is like a rubbery sandpaper. It’s rather comfy, not or abrasive in any way, and leads to much less perspiration and gives a superior grip. I guess some individuals have a very “thing” about textures that aren’t smooth.

By default the mouse is turned down to a lower sensitivity setting, but you are able to customize up to five DPI in SetPoint. This is 100% customizable, so please understand that any person who says it “moves the cursor as well fast/slow” has no idea what they are carrying out. Moreover to changing speed settings, the software program means that you can record and edit macros, then plan them to some set button in case you desire.

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Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse

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